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Weekend Intensive Driving Courses

Weekend intensive driving courses are the perfect way to either boost your driving lessons that you have taken already, especially just before your driving test, or 'kickstart' your driving career into the right direction.

On a full weekend intensive driving course you could take up to 12 driving lessons. Six hours on Saturday and six hours on Sunday. But if you think that might be to ambitious why not try either 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday. Either way you can choose your own hours. Let your imagination run wild and imagine how your driving will have advanced with just one weekend intensive driving course. You might also like to consider just Saturday or Sunday weekend driving lessons.

If you have never driven before you could book 4 full weekends of 12 driving lessons each and that could be you ready to take your driving test. How good is that! Ready for your test in one month without losing time from work or college.
Full one week intensive driving courses can also be booked if your prefer to shorten your driver training time down still further.

Whether you are a complete beginner or just failed your driving test you have come to the right driving instructor to give you the best chance of passing your theory test or practical driving test. You will have the best possible advice and assistance to make it happen. You will be getting a fully qualified instructor.

7 ways to reduce the number of driving lessons

  1. Have regular driving lessons keep breaks inbetween to a minimum
  2. Have driving lessons close together such as an Intensive driving courses
  3. Book a weekend intensive driving course
  4. Book your lessons when you know you will not be tired
  5. Each and every lesson, stay focused
  6. Learn to drive with a driving instructor who uses
    Fast learning methods or other structured driver training programmes
  7. If you can only manage weekly driving lessons then take them as 2 hour lessons

Perfect weekend driving lessons

There is no such thing as the perfect driver. To pass your driving test though it seems you do have to be perfect. Or do you?
Maybe you just need to get it right.
So what is right?
You must be safe and you must know what you are doing in terms of car control and road procedures. Have you read and understood first of all the rules of the road as written in the Highway Code? These are the rules that you must follow for the rest of your driving career. Break these rules without a valid reason and you could end up with penalty points on your driving licence.

Car control must be right
What this means is you should not be wobbling along the road, niether should you be rolling backwards on hills or hitting the kerb. On all weekend driving courses you will be taught to keep your car under control at all times and to understand the rules of the road. All of your driver training will be carried out in a structured (but not robotic) training programme to suit your individual needs.

People appear to fail their driving test on a simple thing like forgetting a signal or not checking a blindspot, even though they manage to, or appear to, on their driving lessons» Simple enough to think about, but was that the real reason you failed your driving test» Or was your driving examiner being to harsh» Did you check your blindspot to early, to late, at the same time as you moved off, after your signal, before your signal, after selecting your driving away gear, before selecting your driving away gear. Did you not look round far enough, or did you not act upon what you saw in your blindspot. Maybe it was not the blindspot before driving away from the kerb that was missing, it could have been the blindspot you should have checked after waiting to turn right» When should you have checked your blind spot!!!

A professional driving instructor would be the right person to advise you as there are many ways as you can see that could cause a blindspot fault and this is not made clear on your driving test marking report.

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Driving lessons in Birmingham can be stressful at the best of times, but when you start as an absolute beginner I will find you the quietest roads I can in your area. That way you can concentrate more on your car control, one of the most important parts of your driving.

Your weekend intensive driving course

Your driving lessons are for one full hour exclusive to yourself I do not have other students in the car whilst you are on your driving lesson. Some cheaper driving schools have up to three pupils in the car at one time, check other driving schools before you book. This method of teaching you to drive is called One2One driving lessons

Weekend intensive driving courses in Birmingham

The area's I give driving lessons in Birmingham are:

You can start your driving lessons anywhere in the above places, whether its school, college, work or university for no extra cost. Your lessons starts from the time I arrive and is for one full hour, some driving schools only give you 50 minutes, so ask them before you book.

Let me know your requirements Contact

Fast track your driving lessons with a one week intensive driving course

You can fast track your driving lessons if you wish with a one week intensive driving course.
When you book intensive driving lessons in Birmingham you can save money and time. Just think! Learning to drive in 7 days, how good is that.

Which intensive driving course is right for you?

For latest intensive driving course availability contact

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